Fashionable dresses for autumn 2018: there is plenty to choose from!

With the onset of autumn you want to look especially feminine and romantic. Summer trends are being replaced by new trends - dresses of various styles and colors, which will appeal to both fans of the 80s style and lovers of vintage dresses of the 20s. Here are the main catwalk trends of the fall 2018 season and the most fashionable dresses from the collections.

What colors are fashionable in the fall of 2018

At the end of the fashion week in New York, the Pantone Color Institute presented the most important shades of this fall. This time, the top ten trends included both traditional red-yellow autumn colors and unexpected, new-fashioned colors.

Top 10 most popular shades:

  • red pear;
  • Orange Orange;
  • valiant poppy;
  • blue nebula;
  • ramp light;
  • Ceylon yellow;
  • ultraviolet;
  • smoky blue;
  • crocus petal;
  • green quetzal.

Valorous poppy - for the most daring fashionistas.

Dress crocus petal gives romantic persons.

Bright and cool shade "light ramp" for those who are used to being the center of attention.

Elegant and rich green quetzal.

Photo of the new fashionable this season: styles and materials

In the collections of fashionable dresses in the fall of 2018, a variety of styles and textures reigns. Designers offer short dresses in the style of the 80s with enlarged shoulders, asymmetrical cuts, romantic polka dots, draperies, flying silhouettes and bright dresses in the floor. Already that season sequins, metallic and floral print remain popular.

Feathers and shiny tinsel are no longer attributes exclusively of carnivals, they become part of the everyday look.

Cold metallic, glitter, sequins and rhinestones - the main trend of the season, which does not leave anyone indifferent.

Asymmetry is a great way to add originality to a dress. This fall, designers offer asymmetrical cuts, sleeves and styles, as if made up of two different dresses.

Wool, velveteen, denim, suede, leather, satin are among the fashionable fabrics of this season.

This outfit made of artificial leather is a cross between a dress and outerwear.

Velvet this season at the peak of popularity. Dresses from it are well suited for both office and for a more informal atmosphere.

The main anti-trends of autumn 2018

Some things this season should be postponed to the far shelf. Here are the anti-trends of autumn 2018:

  • pastel blue and pink shades;
  • black total bow;
  • thin belt;
  • tight-fitting bandage dress;
  • gold dresses;
  • dresses with bare shoulders.

Examples of fashionable dresses

When choosing a light dress of lace in windy weather, do not forget to wear thick underwear.

Leather models can be both a practical outfit for every day and party wear.

Dress combinations

Dresses in the linen style are difficult to imagine in the autumn bad weather, but for the release silk dresses-combinations are an unusual and sophisticated outfit.

Flower motifs

Bright colors and floral prints are a good opportunity to extend the summer.

Black shades can always be diluted with shoes or accessories of bright colors.


Deep cuts in a variety of places - a new trend.

What could be more comfortable than a dress in a cage?


Autumn is not a reason to abandon beautiful chiffon or lace dresses.


Fringe adds zest to a simple dress.

Saturated colors

Bright, deep colors allow you to emphasize the shape and make the image expressive.

Deep and rich shade of "red pear" - one of the most relevant of the season.

Bright warm dress with floral motifs - and the autumn blues are not terrible.

Black and white dress in peas - timeless classics.

Femininity is in trend again. Ruffles, frills, colorful prints add elegance to the dress, add harmony to the figure.

Dress with the effect of degradation - a gradient transition of flowers - will be the decoration of the wardrobe.

Pleated Dresses

Large and small pleated pleats are back in fashion. They look especially impressive in the length of the maxi.

Strict and sophisticated at the same time, these dresses are suitable for both office dress code and evening walk through the city.

Gray can be not only boring, but also very noble color.

Dress with pants

Dress with pants is beautiful and comfortable. Under the bright top, choose dark tight pants or leggings.


Denim can be found in almost any women's wardrobe.

Denim dress - stylish and practical outfit

Dresses made of leather add to the image of audacity and confidence.


Without a cozy dress made of wool this season can not do.


Fluffy shoulders - greetings from the bright 80s.


Due to the unusual pattern and metallic shade, a warm knitted dress looks like an elegant evening outfit.

Fringe and sequins, leather and velvet, drapery and overhead shoulders - modern trends represent a huge selection of fashionable dresses that will appeal to even the most demanding fashionista.