Civil wife Knight Volochkova recognized her husband by socks

For several weeks in a row, Anastasia Volochkova has intrigued her fans by sharing pictures with a new boyfriend, next to whom the star, as she herself admits, is very happy.

None of the photos show the full face of the man, so the identity of the gentleman of the ex-ballerina can only be guessed at. But the image of the socks was also enough - it was for them that in Chechnya’s boyfriend, a certain woman from Chechnya identified her husband Malik, who works as a head of security at a Moscow spa who loves a celebrity so much. The girl immediately turned to the media and stated that Malik had been living in a civil marriage for 10 years now, and Volochkova was taking him out of the family.

TV star did not become silent and hurried to refute all these accusations. She published a post in Instagram, where she explained that her beloved man had never worked in security, and fans could only see his face on their joint wedding photos in the future.