And even she is in the camp of dog lovers: what breed is the new dog of Irina Dubtsova?

Popular Russian singer Irina Dubtsova presented to fans of the new pet. A small dog won her heart.

In the house of the artist appeared a new fluffy friend. This is a small puppy of the Welsh Corgi breed, which Irina called Mystic. Dubtsova’s new favorite has already managed to move into her new mistress’s home and become attached to her, and the singer, in turn, simply does not like the four-legged friend.

Buying an animal caused a small scandal among fans of the artist, as her son suffers from allergies, and Irina had to quite recently get rid of three cats, finding them new owners. The separation was very painful.

Breed Mystic is not from hypoallergenic. But the singer assured the fans that her son’s reaction was only to cats, and the new four-legged friend was not going to move anywhere. Especially since another dog has been living in their house for many years - a snow-white husky named Busya.

Even before she met Mystique, she was lost, frightening her mistress terribly. Irina and her family searched for a dog for several days and even posted an announcement about the loss with a guaranteed reward for the find. Fortunately, the lovely husky was found alive and healthy.

For her second pet, the artist has got a separate account on Instagram, where she pleases fans with new photos of her four-legged pet.

Such a dog duet lives with Irina Dubtsova’s family. I want wonderful pets to please the hostess and her loved ones as long as possible.