Melanie Gaidos - an unusual model without teeth and hair

The modern model world has long ceased to amaze those who are seriously interested in them - from the classic dolls 90-60-90, he moves on to more and more extraordinary individuals. One of these unusual models was Melanie Gaidos.

Melanie Gaidos is a 28-year-old girl with a rare disease called ectodermal dysplasia. Such a diagnosis carries with it the complete absence of teeth, hair on the head and body, as well as the fragility of the nails. In addition to this, the girl has bilateral cleft palate and lips.

Despite her illness, Melanie has a magnificent body with parameters suitable for model business. It is because of this, when Gaidos began to attend art classes, she was offered to become a model for painters and photographers.

Later, thanks to her young man, the future model sent her pictures to various photographers, one of whom was happy to work with such a colorful girl.

The most popular models brought the shooting in the clip of the famous German rock band Rammstein for a song called Mein Herz Brennt. It was after this video about the girl learned the general public.

All works in which Mel participates are a challenge to generally accepted standards of beauty. Most of the pictures as if transfer the person looking at them into some exotic world of fantasy and magic.

Contrary to the idealization of beauty standards, Melanie Gaidos continues her career path, delighting her fans with new and new photos, the style of which will not leave indifferent even adherents of more traditional model tastes.