Courtney Kardashian meets a young copy of her ex-husband

Courtney, the eldest of the sisters of the famous American family Kardashian, increasingly began to notice in the company of a new acquaintance. A handsome young man named David Dee Duren is a friend of the Rita Wilkinson family - a pastor who took part in the Kanye West wedding ceremony and Kim Kardashian. Servant of the church and presented the young people to each other.

Courtney has so far denied the new connection, calling David just his friend. But if you look closely, you see the external resemblance of Di Duren with Scott Disick, the ex-husband of Kardashian’s elder sister. Telediva was married to him for 9 years and gave birth to three children.

The divorce was filed in 2015, and since then Courtney has tried to find a beloved man. For some time she met with Younes Bendjim, a model and an athlete, but their relationship did not end with anything serious.

As the friends of Kardashian say, at the family council, everyone approved Courtney’s choice and will support her in the future.