Olga Buzova again became blonde

The star decided to change the bright dark hair color to a softer shade.

After parting with her former husband Dmitry Tarasov, the life of Olga Buzova changed dramatically. From a little-known TV show participant, she became a singer, a writer, and a businesswoman, and her income figures are rapidly growing to seven-digit sums. Then one of the first changes, which Olga undertook after the divorce, was a change of image. From the usual blonde blonde Buzova became a brunette with a short square. It was in this guise that the girl was able to achieve overwhelming success.

But recently, Olga again decided to return to the light shade of hair. In her Instagram, a star has published a fresh photo, where she already has light blond hair. In contrast to the past of the bright blond, Buzova now has fancy gradient coloring in bright colors.

Fans noted that the new image makes the celebrity softer and younger. And the haters noticed that a similar coloring was chosen the other day by the current wife of Tarasov - model Anastasia Kostenko.