3 most harmful signs of the zodiac among women

Often, behind the beautiful appearance of a lady hides a terrible character. Very often, men understand this only when it is too late to change something. But you could protect yourself from misfortunes by looking in time at the horoscope and determining the most harmful signs of the zodiac among women.


If a Cancer woman smiles benevolently, it still does not speak about anything. Maybe in five minutes she will make a scandal, start crying or close up from everyone under her thick shell. With representatives of this sign you can never be sure of anything, because their mood changes as rapidly as the patron saint of the planet - the Moon.

Most often Cancers are dissatisfied with something. This may be a lack of finances, inattention, or an untidy apartment. Blame for this, they are prone to others, and most of all goes to the household. Conflicting in such moments is dangerous, because it is fraught with hysterics, new accusations and, possibly, family breakdown.

Women of this sign are mercantile persons. The question of well-being for them is burning and painful. They love beautiful things, love shopping, they are happy to furnish the house. And they always want something: a new fur coat, a car, or at least a set in the kitchen. Having received a resolute refusal, they immediately take the position of a victim, an unhappy weak woman who is forced to confront a cruel world.

The wishes of the crayfish are constantly changing. If they are not performed, the reaction can also be extremely unpleasant. The same methods are used: tears, threats, blackmail. Often, these ladies are so entangled in themselves that they themselves can not figure out what they want most of all. And they blame everyone around for that too.

The hardest thing is for ladies born in the first decade of the zodiac sign (June 22 - July 2). On the one hand, they need constant support, they need to feel the patronage of the one who is stronger. On the other hand, they themselves do not notice how they become true tyrants in their family.

However, no matter how capricious women are Cancers, first of all they try for the sake of the family. These are real keepers of the hearth, in which houses are always clean, a lot of delicious food is cooked and a round sum is always hidden away just in case.

a lion

The problem of women of this sign is that they consider themselves to be real queens and require constant admiration and unquestioning fulfillment of their will from those around them. When this does not happen, the Lionesses are angry, scandalous and demand to immediately resume their ministry.

Such self-conceit of these women gave the patron saint of the planet - the Sun. She instilled a love of luxury and expensive gifts. Lionesses will always require their satellites to satisfy all their requests. In their opinion, people around a priori are obliged to all of them simply because they delight those with their presence.

In anger, Lion women are really scary. They scandal, shout, beat dishes and insult without thinking that their words can hurt. At the same time, every rude word addressed to them will be remembered for the rest of their lives and will hardly ever be forgiven. They simply do not know how to apologize: this is not a royal business. The lionesses are sure that the people around should be completely happy just because they stopped being angry with them.

It will be especially hard for those who are caught in the net by a woman born in the third decade (August 13-23). Their character along with the Sun is ruled by belligerent Mars, turning them into real tyrants. The desire to dominate such Lionesses reaches its apogee. They are truly powerful, strong, extremely jealous women.

At the same time, the Lionesses are truly worthy of being admired. They are smart, strong and purposeful people. They are really nice and kind in their own way. Representatives of this sign will never offend those who are weaker than them. On the contrary, they always seek to help those who are in trouble, and generously donate to charity.


Women of this sign hurt everyone who got in their way, simply because they can not do so. Moreover, they have surpassed all other signs, not giving descent and themselves. It is not for nothing that scorpions, stinging themselves, are very often depicted in zodiac pictures. This is a feature of their nature, and they are not able to fight it.

Surprisingly, while women Scorpios are considered the most attractive. Men can not resist the magnetism that they emit, and go after them, like victims to slaughter. Astrologers are confident that the ability to attract and subordinate people to representatives of the sign gave Pluto, the most poorly studied and mysterious planet. Named after the god of the dead, she really has a terrible mystical, perhaps even otherworldly power, and generously bestows it on her charges.

Scorpions are not just capricious spoiled ladies. These are real fatal women who are able to bestow unearthly happiness, but only for a short while. Quiet measured life is not their option. They need a powder keg, tragedy, throwing and suffering. They will never spoil the life of others from mercantile or some other small interest. Only for ideological reasons! That is why they are in the top of the most difficult signs for relationships.

The hardest thing is for those who are close to a woman born in the third decade (November 13-21). At this moment, Pluto shares the reins of control with the Moon. It gives people inconsistency and changeability. Scorpions under its influence become even more complex and unpredictable.

However, every woman of this sign has a chance to become truly happy. If she meets a really strong person, an outstanding personality, who will cause her sincere admiration, then the irreconcilable Scorpion will surrender to his mercy and allow herself to love as she alone can: frantically and without reserve.

Of course, harm is not very good. But maybe it is she who gives women the very peppercorn that so admires men. The main thing is not to overdo it.