The horoscope for May 27: what difficulties await Scorpio and what are the lucky twins?

General astrological forecast says: this Monday will be influenced by the waning moon, located in the constellation Pisces. We are waiting for the day, filled with all sorts of emotions. Today it is worth spending as much time as possible with those who are truly dear to you. A good moment for dating and dating, kindred meetings, friendly gatherings. But from the investment is now preferable to refuse. What other surprises or troubles the future days may bring will tell the horoscope for all signs of the zodiac on May 27, 2019.


According to the horoscope on Monday, May 27, Aries expect a contradictory day. On the one hand, you have every chance of success in current affairs and undertakings. Pleasant coincidences and useful acquaintances that will open up new perspectives are not excluded. On the other hand, the stars indicate the undesirability of flights, long-distance travel and participation in public events - there is a risk of force majeure.

In your personal life you should be gentle and compliant, believe me, relatives and loved ones want to see a sincere smile on your face. This is not the right time for self-analysis and self-blame, try not to go inside.

Unexpected household chores are likely. True, in your power to deal with the problem at the stage of its formation, so you should not postpone the decision of economic issues on the back burner.


Taurus, these days symbolize harmony and perfection. Men of the second sign today will become a real magnet for women of the opposite sex. This is a great opportunity to find a life partner or to strengthen relations with the current half.

Taurus women will be on a wave of inspiration and motivation. The main thing is to allow yourself to think big and not be limited by the framework of the usual. Some ladies will be able to turn a hobby or new ideas into a source of stable income, go for it!

But the health horoscope on May 27 is not the most favorable. Possible exacerbation of chronic diseases. Astrologers advise to restrain physical activity at least today.


This Monday, an avalanche of love problems may fall on Gemini’s shoulders.

Gemini, the astrological forecast for Monday, May 27th, says: the moment is successful for any financial affairs, large acquisitions, planned shopping - today your calculating and foresight can only be envied. In professional and creative areas, everything will turn out to be the best possible way if the third sign of the zodiac believes in itself and does not dwell on minor difficulties.

But in the family life negative trends are outlined. It seems that Gemini will not be easy to build relationships with a life partner or lover. Some representatives of the air element will decide on radical changes - astrologers recommend not to rush to the final conclusions.

This is not the right time for first dates and dating on the Internet. Free time is preferable to devote to self-education or passive recreation.


Crayfish, a horoscope for May 27, 2019 recommends that you do not neglect light physical exertion, believe me, the body will be grateful to you. Morning hours will be in turmoil, but you will like this situation. True, the evening is not worth making grandiose plans, because you are very tired and will need peace and rest.

The location of celestial bodies indicates an increase in creative potential. Many crayfish visit inspiration. Astrologers advise to fix ideas in a smartphone or notebook - these ideas can be useful in the near future. Listen to native people, their opinion will be objective.

This Monday, a temporary decline in professional and commercial areas is possible. Take a breather to gain strength and bring thoughts in order.

a lion

Lions, this day will be ambiguous. Now the stars are on your side, nevertheless, much will depend on the chosen tactics of behavior. Horoscope on Monday, May 27 advises to refrain from excessive adherence to principles. But patience, calm and tact will allow you to avoid all sorts of trouble.

Astrologers caution: today, representatives of the fifth sign of the zodiac can be extremely scattered. For this reason, theft or loss of valuables, money is likely. Be careful!

Superb luck will be gifted Lions of creative professions. Unplanned trips and events are possible. Nevertheless, one should not allow unverified people to approach him - today the envious people are especially active.


Horoscope for Virgo prophesies: these days will pass quite routinely, tune in to perform routine duties and begin to complete the projects started. The combination of planets indicates minor difficulties of a financial nature, so it is better to wait a little with purchases.

This Monday is favorable for responsible decisions and changes. If you are unhappy with the current state of affairs, the time has come for concrete actions. Try to be as honest as possible first of all to yourself.

Some Virgos may receive an offer of cooperation. Astrologers advise not to rush to the final answer, take time to think at least until the end of this week.


Scales, this Monday it may seem to you that all efforts are in vain. The horoscope for May 27, 2019 advises not to give up, because such thoughts are wrong. On the contrary, now the stars are on your side, the main thing is to use the gifts of Fortune.

Meanwhile, the stars promise Libra fresh ideas and unusual ideas. Today it is worth listening to the prompts of intuition, it will not let you down. However, astrologers recommend avoiding both physical and mental overstrain. Otherwise, chronic illnesses can worsen.

In the personal life of unfree women and men, not everything is as smooth as we would like. Possible real hurricane of passion, mutual claims and disappointments. Fortunately, in your own power to prevent the disastrous consequences of quarrels and disagreements - just show a little bit of wisdom, you will not lose.


Today, difficulties can touch Scorpio teachers

Scorpios, horoscope on Monday, May 27 predicts: today you may not be in the best shape, both physically and emotionally. Astrologers advise to transfer all important meetings, affairs and complex tasks to a more suitable moment. In addition, it is now preferable to reduce interaction with others in order to prevent conflicts.

Nevertheless, luck in love can smile at the lonely representatives of the eighth zodiac sign today. Stars indicate likely familiarity with the prospect of development. But in family unions there may be a wall of misunderstanding - joint leisure will allow you to improve relations with loved ones and loved ones.

Temporary trouble can fall on the shoulders of Scorpions-parents. Now the best decision is the most frank conversation with the child.


Sagittarius, it is possible that on these days you will feel a sharp decline in strength or general malaise. The fault is a wrong way of life and strong inner experiences. At the same time, the horoscope for May 27 predicts success in the field of creativity, business and career. This Monday, you should focus on self-discipline: the stars indicate a high level of competition, you will probably have to fight for a place in the sun.

The day is absolutely not suitable for solving money issues. Any purchase is also better to postpone. Try to do long-term financial planning - such an approach to the budget will allow Strelets Troops to strengthen their financial situation.

A flurry of professional duties can scare you. Nevertheless, astrologers encourage: today you will cope with any task, the main thing is to show restraint, prudence and emotional flexibility.


Capricorns, the horoscope for May 27, 2019 prophesies: today one should beware of all sorts of charlatans and magicians, do not associate with doubtful personalities under any circumstances. This Monday you will experience a breakdown, anxiety, and chronic diseases can worsen. Apparently, the cause of poor health will be associated with the problems of a loved one, close friend or relative.

In a professional field of activity there is an ambiguous situation. It is possible that someone from colleagues or partners will try to shift their own responsibilities onto your shoulders. In no case do not agree - hardly your efforts will be appreciated and rewarded.

Meanwhile, it is collective efforts and joint projects that will give Capricorns real success and profit on these days.


Today's disappointments can push Aquarius to tranzhestvstvu and reckless actions

Not the most pleasant Monday to be experienced by Aquarius, in any case, the astrological forecast for May 27 confirms this. Today is very likely trouble in his personal life. On this basis, the eleventh sign of the zodiac can be launched into all serious ones: it will begin to squander, even if there is not much money, or it enters into some dangerous adventure. Astrologers advise to be prudent - try to send energy in a creative direction, and you can also do a hobby or sport.

This is the right moment for the wellness procedures and the beginning of the treatment course. Now the priority areas are the cardiovascular system, organs of sight and hearing, joints and the nervous system.

In the professional field, many Aquarius will have to fight for freedom of opinion. Looks like someone will try to put pressure on you. Strive for independence, but do not descend to insults and scandals.


Pisces, according to the horoscope on May 27, 2019, this Monday will be amuse affairs at the head of the corner. Singles can count on pleasant acquaintances and memorable dates. And unfree women and men will be able to bring existing relationships to a new level. In general, the day favors bold decisions in personal life, acquaintances, weddings and weddings.

Meanwhile, luck does not turn away from the twelfth sign in the professional field of activity. The location of celestial bodies indicates the likelihood of career advancement, unexpected prospects, new job responsibilities.

The second half of the day can give Pisces an unexpected meeting with an old friend or with an important person from the past.