The return of the Spice Girls failed

The very first performance of a popular band struck fans unpleasantly.

For the anniversary tour of the Spice Girls group, in honor of which, for the first time in many years, the singers were reunited, fans prepared in advance - tickets for the concerts were sold out long before the start of the tour. In spite of the fact that there were news in the press about disrupting the tour for various reasons, the concert took place on May 24 in Dublin. All the “peppercorns” came up to the scene, except for Victoria Beckham, who had previously announced that she would not return to music.

In the network, the performance of the girls has already been called a failure. The sound quality was so low that it was not clear in the hall what composition was being performed. A part of those who bought tickets even left before the end of the concert. A few days later, one of the participants came out in touch with the fans - Mel B, who apologized for the spoiled impression and promised that all the problems with the organization would be resolved by the next city.