Million Baby: Selena Gomez's Best Images

Selena Gomez is not only an icon of the modern music industry, but also a girl with her own style. Here are some images especially remembered by the fans of the singer.

Favorite and significant for Selena color - definitely red. It was the dresses of scarlet shades that always won the love of the singer's fans and received the least criticism. The most memorable Gomez dress was the short satin Christian Dior dress, which was loved by many other celebrities - but Selena always won in the “battle of dresses”, and deservedly so.

In the singer's arsenal there is a long dress of a similar style - more solemn and with a not so deep neckline.

One of the most interesting outfit selena - red dress with a white collar and latex corset.

Most often at the exits of the singer scarlet color is accompanied by maxi length, exquisite fabrics and deep cuts or cuts.

At one of the performances Selena appeared in a satin bodysuit in red with a transparent black cloak.

The red dress in the style of baby-doll emphasizes the childlike type of the girl and her slim legs. Similar images of the girl may be accompanied by a minimum or even a complete lack of makeup.

And even an ordinary scarlet knitted sweater looks spectacular on the singer.

One of Selena Gomez's favorite wardrobe items is the leather jacket. The girl combines leather jackets with tops and delicate dresses.

Once Selena appeared on the red carpet not just in a leather jacket, but in a mini dress of the same style - of course, this image caused a sensation.

The singer does not avoid the romantic and gentle outfit in nude and pink shades.

Black color on a bright girl is no less impressive than red. The singer loves both classic styles and more frank and trendy ones - for example, a separate outfit with a top and a long skirt with a slit.

White shirt with long sleeves Gomez combines with a black dress-combination on long straps.

A cozy look for cool weather: a light gray sweater with sleeves to the elbow and a long wool skirt with elastic.

The classic dark blue cardigan with gold details makes the image of the singer more "adult" - especially in combination with a strict hairstyle.

In the white wedding dress, Selena appeared only on the red carpet, accompanying the outfit with an accessory resembling a hairpin for the veil.

Gomez style combines childish innocence and quite adult sexuality - and this is what attracts her fans and fashion critics so much. There are almost no failures of the girl, because young fans can regularly enjoy the exits of their idol, taking on some details for their image.