What does Ani Lorak look like without makeup?

The feminine and smiling singer has many fans both in his native Ukraine and far beyond its borders. Delicate demeanor on stage gives the public every reason to respect. Moreover, a year before her 40th birthday, Ani Lorak without makeup and professional make-up looks no worse than with a full parade.

Ani Lorak is a national artist of Ukraine, known and beloved by many fans in Russia. Glory to the young singer brought the Russian television program "Morning Star", released on screens in March 1995.

In 2008, the Eurovision Song Contest 2008 took second place with the composition Shady lady, written by Philip Kirkorov (represented Ukraine).

In addition to the beautiful vocal, the singer has a beautiful, well-groomed appearance. And even if she uses cosmetics, she does it at a minimum. Photoshop behind the star in the instagram identity has not been noticed yet.

It is obvious that to preserve rich vocal data (voice range of 4.5 octaves, gentle timbre), as well as appearance, a healthy lifestyle helps her. At the same time tons of cosmetics on the face completely useless. Ani loves fitness classes.

And still walk in the fresh air, the sun, healthy sleep and a balanced diet.

Plus, Lorak is famous for its friendly style of communication with anyone. No one has yet managed to “catch” her in an angry mood or with a gloomy face distorted by anger.

Some fans believe that three factors combined to achieve success: voice capabilities, attractive looks and the ability to behave competently and naturally in society.

Indeed, Ani Lorak has many brilliant achievements, and the fan loves her the way nature herself has created.