Rihanna posted a photo from a wedding bachelorette party

Rihanna is preparing for the wedding, but not yet for her: the star will not act as a bride, but as a guest guest.

Singer Rihanna is able to create intrigue for fans - so the other day she posted a photo from a bachelorette party, hinting that it was arranged before the upcoming wedding. While the fans figured out the name of the alleged groom, the singer did not comment on what was happening. Only a few hours later, the girl admitted that the bachelorette party was organized in honor of her close friend, who received a marriage proposal. It is planned that the celebration will be held in the Caribbean islands in the near future.

By the way, the former beloved singer Chris Brown recently expressed a desire to return Rihanna. And this is despite the fact that the court forbade him to approach her because of the beatings. If the couple is reconciled, then another wedding is just around the corner.