Leonardo di Caprio is preparing for the wedding

The actor is going to marry his girlfriend, 21-year-old model Camille Morrono.

According to rumors, the main bachelor of Hollywood - actor Leonardo di Caprio - is ready to get married. He has a huge number of novels with famous models - from Helena Christensen to Bar Rafaeli. With the model of Gisele Bundchen, Leo met for five years, but he never called for the crown. Rumor has it that it was precisely the reluctance of di Caprio to marry that caused their break.

But with the model Camiloy Morrono, Leo is ready to connect life after just 8 months of relationships. Insiders claim that the actor wants to become a father, but Camila adheres to traditional views, so she put forward a marriage condition. Camila herself is also not from the "simple family" - her mother has a long relationship with actor Al Pacino, who introduced the girl to DiCaprio.