Kare on a leg: such a different hairstyle (45 photos)

The modern, active rhythm of life dictates fashion in the hairdressing industry as well - girls are increasingly choosing short haircuts that look elegant and feminine. One of the most popular hairstyles today is the "square leg".

What is a haircut, view of the photo

Haircut "square on the leg" - one of the most stylish and versatile hairstyles. This name was given to her for an unusual design on the back of his head. And it will suit the “square on the leg” for women of all ages with any type of hair. With such a haircut, even curly stiff curls do not need styling, you just need to comb your hair in the morning and beat it with your hands to get the volume.

Like any other hairstyle, "square on the leg" has its own characteristics. It is suitable for hair of short and medium length, while adding volume at the crown and emphasizing the line of the cheekbones. The leg is called a triangular or semicircular toe at the back of the head, complicating the silhouette of a haircut.

The hairstyle "square on the leg" was popular in the 20s and 90s of the 20th century, but to this day it has not lost its relevance.

Most often such a haircut is chosen by girls who prefer a retro mode, as well as those who are not afraid to experiment with their own appearance.


There are several versions of the "square on the leg", each of which emphasizes certain features of the shape of the face and head. There is a haircut with lengthening the front locks, asymmetrical bob, with bangs and shortened. Therefore, each girl will be able to choose the option that suits her.


The “square on the leg” of an asymmetrical shape is considered the most original haircut and is suitable for women who want to look stylish and bright. Its feature is the different length of the strands on both sides of the face. The most courageous girls with a daring style of clothing also prefer to shave their temples in addition to the shaved "leg" on the back of their heads.

This hairstyle is perfectly combined with the natural asymmetry of the face, leveling it, and also allows you to soften dramatically outlined features. This hairstyle is suitable for square and triangular faces. But chubby girls are encouraged to bypass the choice of this haircut party.

With extended front strands

In such a haircut, the front strands are longer than the hair at the back of the head.

Such a square looks harmoniously on girls with a triangular or round face, because the frontal locks gently smooth the contours of the face and emphasize the eyes.

Sharp cheekbones gain a smooth silhouette, and the face becomes visually more elongated. A girl with such a hairstyle begins to look incredibly feminine, without drastically changing the length of her hair.

Shortened version

This haircut is close to the classic square, only the back of the head is shaved to the cheek line, and the rest of the hair has an even length. Strands of the face can either completely open the ears, or slightly cover them. This hairstyle looks very bold, suitable for energetic girls and active women. This haircut is ideal for girls with an oval face shape and regular features. This style best suits miniature girls.

With a bang

Bang can dramatically change the appearance of the girl, so the choice of hair should be treated as responsibly. It is necessary to choose a bang under the main form of hair. So, with smooth haircuts, the bangs look better with an even or somewhat semi-circular cut. Diagonal bangs are perfectly combined with an asymmetrical car, for triangular faces it is worth choosing milled or oblique bangs with elongation. This hairstyle with not recommended for girls with oily skin. It is also worth remembering that the bang needs constant care and styling.

To suit

"Kare on the leg" is universal and suitable for every girl, regardless of the type and color of her hair. But a properly chosen haircut can make the appearance more attractive. For example, chubby girls are encouraged to give preference to a symmetrical elongated four of a kind that visually lengthens the face. A girl with a triangular shape should choose a symmetrical shortened four or four, the bang should choose oblique and filleted options. If the face is square, giving preference is a symmetrical or asymmetrical elongated square, and the bangs on the side can make the face more rounded and elongated.

The choice of haircuts, depending on the hair color

Now it is necessary to talk about the options "square on the leg" for different shades of hair. For girls with dark hair, it is preferable to choose the classic length of the haircut to make the contour of the face clearer. Also, the “square on the leg” is perfectly combined with melirovanny hair and dyeing using the ombre technique. Feathers of various shades emphasize the structure of a short hairstyle.

It looks interesting shortened and asymmetrical car with colored hair dye.

The image of such a girl turns out to be incredibly stylish and bright.

Technology implementation hairstyles in the cabin

Haircut "square on the leg" from a professional master in the cabin is as follows:

  1. The hair is divided into four parts vertically on the middle parting and horizontal, going from the temple to the temple. At the center of the crown, a perpendicular intersection of the lines is made. Each part is fixed separately.
  2. Then there is the design of the "legs" on the back of his head. The bottom strand of the ears is clamped and gradually cut with scissors from top to bottom, forming the shape of the toe.
  3. After the formation of the "legs" is determined by the total length of the remaining part of the haircut.
  4. After the haircut of the back side of the head is completed, the design of the facial strands begins, gradually moving to the hair length line.
  5. Bang issued at the last moment.

Video: How to make a bob cut

"Four leg" with short hair length

There are many ideas hairstyle "square on the leg" for a short length of hair, while taking into account the structure and shade of hair.


Hairstyle for medium hair length

With an average hair length hairstyle can look both elegant and bold. Thin hair is also not a hindrance, they can be given volume with the help of curls.


Which version of haircut to choose: with or without a bang

The choice of bangs for hair remains for you, we just offer a few possible options.


Curly or straight hair

"Kart on a leg" is unique in that it harmoniously combines with any hair structure - it looks great on straight hair and looks original on curly hair.


Is the hairstyle suitable for adult women?

This type of hair allows you to visually refresh your face and hide some age-related flaws. On the gray and dyed hair "square on the leg" also looks stylish.


Styling ideas

Despite the fact that this type of hair does not require special care, it is worth noting some details, given that you will look particularly attractive.


The easiest way to lay is with the help of brushing, hair dryer and mousse. It is performed on wet clean hair, when drying with brushing strands are lifted from the roots.

Organic "square on the leg" looks at a slight confusion on the head, which is achieved using foam, beating the strands with your hand. A refined and somewhat careless curling of the strands will give an image of femininity.


If you wish to emphasize clear face shapes, it is recommended to apply a ploy for styling.


"Kare on the leg" organically emphasizes the natural beauty of the girl. However, to make such a haircut with a cardinal change in the length of the hair is deliberately and with a proven stylist. The “caret on the leg” looks stylish on women of any age and constitution, and the universality of the hairstyle gives the image of its owner originality.