15 best outfits of sheikhs Moza: elegance in everything!

Sheikh Moza - the second wife of the Emir of Qatar, Hamad Tani. And also one of the most popular monarchs of the world because of its impeccable and refined taste. The best outfits of the main beauty of Qatar can be seen in the photo.

The best outfits of Sheikh Moza from Valentino

Moza appeared in a luxurious red beaded dress from the fashion house Valentino during an official visit to the UK and a meeting with Elizabeth II.

From a famous designer, a fashionista chooses elegant delicate dresses, embroidered with beads, or classic pastel colors.

Armani prive

For business meetings, the sheikh prefers discreet, but at the same time feminine suits from Armani Prive. The belt with stones dilutes a cold image and gives it a piquancy.


The celebrity looks luxurious in dresses from Chanel, choosing images according to mood: from delicate classic to bright and bold.

Ulyana Sergeenko

On an official visit to the UK, a celebrity chose a strict and majestic outfit from the Russian designer Ulyana Sergeenko.

At other social events, celebrity also appears in strict and elegant dresses, emphasizing her slimness.

For a less formal setting, the sheikh prefers rich colors in clothes and is not afraid to shine in sparkling dresses.

Christian dior

From Christian Dior, Moza chooses outfits for almost all occasions: whether it is a sporting event or a social event, always complementing the image with an elegant turban.

Julien fournie

Celebrities are very much to face regal velvet dress of deep wine color from Julien Fournie, and accessories harmoniously complement the image and give it a gloss.

Exquisite outfit rich deep shades from Julien Fournie emphasizes the royal to become a celebrity, without being distracted by unnecessary details.


Sheikh Moza once again proves that not all Arab women wear ordinary shawls and veils. The celebrity is justly an icon of style.